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QIRT 1992 Archives

If you notice any mistake (e.g. paper itself or authors names), please let us know. These papers were gathered using optical character recognition and international characters might have been supported poorly in some cases. Thank you for your understanding.


QIRT 1992-001
New method of digital modulative adaptative auto-calibration of infrared imaging devices
V.M. Saptzin, V. Kober, and V.P. Vavilov

QIRT 1992-002
Methods for achieving enhanced temporal resolution in IR image acquisition
S.M. Shepard, D.T. Sass, and T.P. Imirowicz

QIRT 1992-003
Improving the accuracy of inferred temperatures in small spot size experiments
J. Pearce, M. Schulze, and Z. Ryu

QIRT 1992-004
Theoretical and experimental applications of the flying spot camera
C. Gruss and D. Balageas

QIRT 1992-005
Infrared thermography on Tore-Supra, the French experimental Tokamak on nuclear controlled fusion
D. Guilhem, H. Garcin, A. Seigneur, J. Schlosser, and P. Vandelle

QIRT 1992-006
Remote temperature measurement of highly reflecting objects in outdoor conditions
K. Chrzanowski

Systems and components

QIRT 1992-007
Accurate temperature measurement in thermography
T. Hamrelius

QIRT 1992-008
Sofradir infrared detectors
J.P. Chatard, P. Angebault, and P. Tribolet

QIRT 1992-009
The MF T of thermal imaging cameras Its relevance and measurement
T. L. Williams

QIRT 1992-010
Computer-based thermographic system
B. Wiecek, M. Grecki, and J. Pacholik

Applications to fluid mechanics

QIRT 1992-011
Retrospective on aerodynamic research with infrared imaging
E. Gartenberg

QIRT 1992-012
Study of free convection by infrared thermography over a constant heat-flux heated plate
J.P. Vermeulen and B. Baudoin

QIRT 1992-013
Infrared thermography characterization of Grtler vortex type patterns in hypersonic flows
D. Boscher, B. Baudouy, A. Deom, M.C. Coet, J. Delery, and D. Balageas

QIRT 1992-014
Fluid dynamics applications of IR imaging system
L. De Luca, G. Cardone, and G.M. Carlomagno

QIRT 1992-015
Infrared temperature measurement of vaporizing droplets
L. Nana, J. Farre, and A. Giovannini

QIRT 1992-016
Application of quantitative infrared thermography in the VKI Mach hypersonic wind tunnel
G. Simeonides, J.P. Vermeulen, and S. Zemsch

QIRT 1992-017
Heat transfer of impinging multijet system An application of the quantitative thermography
J.M. Buchlin and M. Dubois

QIRT 1992-018
Infrared thermography and the numerical heat transfer analysis
S. Svaic

Applications to mechanical testing

QIRT 1992-019
An infrared set-up for continuum thermomechanics
A. Chrysochoos and J.C. Dupre

QIRT 1992-020
Infrared thermography of plastic instabilities in a single crystal superalloy
P. Levesque, B. Lisiecki, L. Kubin, P. Caron, A. Deom, and D. Balageas

QIRT 1992-021
Thermographic characterisation of defects and failure in polymer composites
M. Bauer, Ch. Guntrum, M. Ota, W.Rippel, and G. Busse
Color plates for paper QIRT 1992-021

QIRT 1992-022
The investigation of metals' damage through thermal field kinetics
G. Kurilenko and A. Pshenichny

QIRT 1992-023
Application of Infrared thermography for determining the temperature distribution in Taylor's impact test
L. Kruszka, W.K. Nowacki, and W. Oliferuk

QIRT 1992-024
Lockin vibrothermal inspection of polymer composites
G. Busse, M. Bauer, W. Rippel, and D. Wu

QIRT 1992-025
Quantitative evaluation of aging in bearings and electric brushes using infrared thermography
A. Madrid

QIRT 1992-026
Thermomechanical evaluation of polypropylene fracture resistance
G. Medri and R. Ricci

QIRT 1992-027
Quantifying matrix cracking in composites by a thermoelastic method
B.J. Mahoney and B. Sandor

Applications to non destructive evaluation

QIRT 1992-028
Thermal non destructive testing: short history and state-of-art
V. Vavilov

QIRT 1992-029
Time-resolved pulsed stimulated infrared thermography applied to carbon-epoxy non destructive evaluation
J.C. Krapez, D.M. Boscher, Ph.M. Delpech, A.A. Deom, G. Gardette, and D.L. Balageas

QIRT 1992-030
Time-resolved pulsed stimulated infrared thermography applied to carbon-carbon non destructive evaluation
Ph.M. Delpech, D.M. Boscher, F. Lepoutre, A.A. Deom, and D.L. Balageas

QIRT 1992-031
A quantitative analysis of pulsed video thermography
D.P. Almond and S.K. Lau

QIRT 1992-032
Non destructive transient thermal evaluation of delaminations inside a laminate: a thermal processing technique of thermal images
D. Maillet, S. Didierjean, A.S. Houlbert, and A. Degiovanni

QIRT 1992-033
Non destructive transient thermal evaluation of laminated composites: discrimination between delaminations thickness variations and multidelaminations
A. Bendada, D. Maillet, and A. Degiovanni

QIRT 1992-034
Shape correction in transient thermography inspection of non-planar components
A. Nouah, X. Maldague, and F. Robitaille

QIRT 1992-035
Transient thermal NOT: conception in formulae
V. Vavilov

QIRT 1992-036
A simple transportable imaging system for fast thermal non destructive testing
J. Varis, J. Hartikainen, R. Lehtiniemi, and M. Luukkala

QIRT 1992-037
Real-time D-representation of time-resolved infrared thermographic data
U. Netzelmann, G. Walle, and G. Dobmann

QIRT 1992-038
Energy deposit by a xenon flash lamp illuminator dedicated to photothermal lR thermography: calculations and measurements
J.L. Beaudoin, J.F. Henry, E. Merienne, R. Danjoux, P. Egee, and P. Coste

Inversion procedures

QIRT 1992-039
Some remarks on definition, resolution and contrast in photothermal imaging
H.G. Walther and U. Seidel

QIRT 1992-040
Some new ideas in dynamic thermal tomography
V. Vavilov, P.G. Bison, C. Bressan, E. Grinzato, and S. Marinetti

QIRT 1992-041
Numerical reconstruction of interfacial defects and interface thermal resistances using thermal measurements
M. Bonnet, H. Maigre, and M. Manaa

QIRT 1992-042
Thermal distribution in circular slabs: a thermographic method
G. Cesini, M. Paroncini, and R. Ricci

QIRT 1992-043
Inversion of thermal wave infrared images
R.L. Thomas, L.D. Favro, D.J. Crowther, and P.K. Kuo

QIRT 1992-044
Quantitative infrared thermography application for thermal defectometry
V.A. Storozhenko

Applications to thermophysics

QIRT 1992-045
Thermal measurements of power semiconductor devices using thermographic system
B. Wiecek, M. Grecki, and J. Pacholik

QIRT 1992-046
Thermal imaging of synchrotron beams on silicon crystals
R.K. Smither

QIRT 1992-047
Non destructive evaluation of absorbing materials using microwave stimulated infrared thermography
P. Levesque, A. Deom, and D. Balageas

QIRT 1992-048
Infrared measurements of electromagnetic fields
J. Norgard, D. Metzger, R. Sega, M. Harrison, R. Komar, H. Pohle, A. Schmelzel, M. Smith, J. Stupic, M. Seifert, and J. Cleary

Applications to environment

QIRT 1992-049
Air in- and ex-filtration through the joints of external walls
E. Duc and J. Jaworski

QIRT 1992-050
Analysis of atmospheric pollution by quantitative infrared thermography
S. Bednarczyk, P. Herve, and P. Adam

QIRT 1992-051
Some problems in analysing premixed flames by infrared thermography
B. Imbert, Y. Le Maoult, and J. Quinard

QIRT 1992-052
Visualizing airflow using IR-techniques
J. Sundberg

QIRT 1992-053
Atmospheric effects in infrared thermography
P. Pregowski

QIRT 1992-054
Applications of Infrared thermogrammetry in thermal engineering

Emissivity and pyrometry

QIRT 1992-055
Surface temperature measurements of thin films in the range - °C to °C using infrared thermography
Y. Delclaud

QIRT 1992-056
Emissivity measurements on graphite and composite materials in the visible and infrared spectral range
G. Neuer

Thermal waves

QIRT 1992-057
A quantitative thermal wave assessment of the characteristics of sub-surface defects
D.P. Almond and P.M. Patel

QIRT 1992-058
Lockin thermography for multiplex photothermal non destructive evaluation
D. Wu, W. Karpen, and G. Busse

QIRT 1992-059
Photothermal method with arbitrary phase shift
A. Figari

QIRT 1992-060
Differential stimulated infrared radiometry: application to remote detection of cracks
A.C. Boccara, D. Fournier, J. Guitonny, M. Le Liboux, and¸A.M. Mansanares

QIRT 1992-061
Monitoring of paint adhesion on polymers using photothermal detection
H.G. Walther and W. Karpen

QIRT 1992-062
Modulated infrared radiometry of rough surfaces at high temperatures
B.K. Bein, J.H. Gu, A. Mensing, T. Sommer, B. Wunderlich, J. Pelzl, and U. Seidel