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QIRT 1998 Archives

If you notice any mistake (e.g. paper itself or authors names), please let us know. These papers were gathered using optical character recognition and international characters might have been supported poorly in some cases. Thank you for your understanding.


Invited papers

QIRT 1998-001
Quantitative infrared thermography in thermo-fluid-dynamics
G. Cardone

QIRT 1998-002
Application of thermography for microelectronic design and modelling
G. De Mey and B. Wiecek

Non destructive evaluation

QIRT 1998-003
Statistics-based procedure for defect sizing and experimental evaluation of convection phenomena by using Video Pulsed Thermography
F. Cernuschi, N. Ludwig and P. Teruzzi

QIRT 1998-004
Single-sided interferometric EMIR method for NDE of structures
P. Levesque and D. L. Balageas

QIRT 1998-005
Infrared thermographic detection and characterisation of impact damage in carbon fibre composites: results of the round robin test
V. P. Vavilov, D. P. Almond, G. Busse, E. Grinzato, J.-C. Krapez, X. Maldague, S. Marinetti, W. Peng, V. Shirayev and D. Wu

QIRT 1998-006
Mathematical model for simulation of defects under a material surface applied to thermographic measurements
I. Boras, S. Svaic and A. Galovic

QIRT 1998-007
Detection of vertical surface cracks in unidirectional carbon fibre composites with an infrared line scanning technique
J. Varis, R. Lehtiniemi and J. Rantala

QIRT 1998-008
NDE of frescoes by infrared thermography and lateral heating
E. Grinzato, P. G. Bison, C. Bressan and A. Mazzoldi

QIRT 1998-009
Thermal analysis on internal and surface flaws by means of an infrared radiometer
Y. Okamoto, A. Kamoi and T. Ishii

QIRT 1998-010
Thermal nondestructive evaluation of copper products using an infrared line scanning technique
J. Varis and J. Rantala

QIRT 1998-011
High-speed pulsed thermography of thin metallic coatings
U. Netzelmann and G. Walle

QIRT 1998-012
NDE of CFRP composites by transient thermography
W. Peng and D. Almond

QIRT 1998-013
Moisture detection in walls trough measurement of temperature
M. Milazzo, N.Ludwig and G.Poldi

QIRT 1998-014
The rotating cement kiln 3D computer model oriented toward solving thermal nondestructive testing problems
V. G. Torgunakov, M. S. Sukhanov, V. P. Vavilov and N. M. Yamanaev

QIRT 1998-015
Thermal diffusivity estimation with averaged infrared thermography
E. Poncet, D. Bereiziat, G. Grangeot and J.-C. Batsale

Thermoelastic effects

QIRT 1998-016
Recent development in thermoelastic stress analysis
S. Jecic and S. Goja

QIRT 1998-017
Thermoelastic and thermoplastic effects during loading and unloading of an austenitic steel
E. A. Pieczyska, S. P. Gadaj and W. K. Nowacki

QIRT 1998-018
Temperature evolution during simple shear test of steel
S. P. Gadaj, W. K. Nowacki and E. A. Pieczyska

QIRT 1998-019
Optical and thermal restoration applied to thermo-elastic stress analysis by IR thermography
S. Offermann, C. Bissieux and J. L. Beaudoin

QIRT 1998-020
Analysis of stress influence on thermal diffusivity by photothermal infrared thermography
H. Pron, J. F. Henry, S. Offermann, C. Bissieux and J. L. Beaudoin

QIRT 1998-021
Investigation of metal deformation using thermography
W. Oliferuk

QIRT 1998-022
Thermovision method in stress analysis of textile materials
Z. Mikolajczyk, B. Wiecek and M. Michalak

Thermal waves (lock-in thermography)

QIRT 1998-023
Compared performances of four algorithms used for modulation thermography
J.-C. Krapez

QIRT 1998-024
Progress in ultrasound lockin thermography
A. Salerno, A. Dillenz, D. Wu, J. Rantala and G. Busse

QIRT 1998-025
Detection of loose rivets in aeroplane components using lockin thermography
Th. Zweschper1, D. Wu and G. Busse

QIRT 1998-026
Pulsed phase thermography of Aluminum laminates: neural network investigation
Y. Largouet, S. Vallerand and X. Maldague


QIRT 1998-027
Broadening IR applications through using spectral filters
G. Pas

QIRT 1998-028
True temperature measurement of electronics through infrared transparent materials
R. Lehtiniemi, C.-M. Fager and J. Rantala

QIRT 1998-029
Amplitude sensitive modulation-thermography the new way of moisture measurement in building materials
K. A. Büscher, H. Wiggenhauser, W. Wild

QIRT 1998-030
IR microscope measurement of the .plasma spreading in thyristors
B. Wiecek, A. Michalski and K. Napi6rkowski

QIRT 1998-031
IR camera and pyrometer used for woodworking control
M. Kastek, H. Madura, H. Polakowski and W. Sokolowski

QIRT 1998-032
Modelling of infrared imaging for 3-D objects
R. Dulski, Z. Sikorski and T. Niedziela

QIRT 1998-033
A critical analysis and possible modifications of two analytical models for defects sizing using Video Pulse Thermography
F. Cernuschi, N. Ludwig, P. Teruzzi and G. Bottazzi

QIRT 1998-034
Experimental characterisation of the convective heat transfer in a vortex ~ wall interaction
P. Reulet, M. Marchand and P. Millan

QIRT 1998-035
Quantitative infrared thermography in fire tests
H. Heinrich and K.H. Dahlem

QIRT 1998-036
An FT -IR based instrument for measuring infrared diffuse reflectance
L. Francou and P. Herve

QIRT 1998-037
Surface and volume effects in thermal signatures of buried mines: experiment and modelling
P. Pregowski, W. Swiderski and R. T. Walczak

QIRT 1998-038
IR thermography application in studying phenomena in warm extrusion tooling
A. Kocanda, P. Czyzewski, K. Kita and P. Pregowski

QIRT 1998-039
IR trend analysis for HV/MV equipment diagnostics
M. Florkowski and Z. Korendo

Medical applications

QIRT 1998-040
Intraoperative thermal coronary angiography - correlation between internal mammary artery (IMA) free flow and thermographic measurement during coronary grafting
M. Kaczmarek, A. Nowakowski, J. Siebert and J. Rogowski

Thermofluids dynamics

QIRT 1998-041
Detailed investigation of aerothermal behaviour of confined impinging jet
J.-M. Buchlin and M. Laperches

QIRT 1998-042
Thermography for polymers film blowing
P. G. Berardi, G. Cuccurullo and L. Di Maio

QIRT 1998-043
The investigation of actual evapotranspiration with the use of thermography
P. Baranowski, W. Mazurek and R. T. Walczak

QIRT 1998-044
Convective heat transfer to a jet in cross-flow
G. Cardone, C. Meola and G. M. Carlomagno

QIRT 1998-045
Modelling of conjugate heat transfer in microelectronics with variable fluid and substrate parameters
B. Wiecek

Systems and components

QIRT 1998-046
Uncooled IRFPA developments review
J.L. Tissot, F. Rothan, C. Vedel, M. Vilain and J.J. Yon

QIRT 1998-047
Some Problems in Application of Integrated Radiation Thermopile Sensor
A. Marincic and R. Tmusic

QIRT 1998-048
Optimization of the photothermal camera for crack detection
J.-C. Krapez, L. Legrandjacques, F. Lepoutre and D. L. Balageas

QIRT 1998-049
Spatially resolved measurement of the spectral emissivity of high-temperature components by multi-channel thermography
G. Walle, N. Meyendorf, T. Vetterlein, U. Netzelmann, D. Becker and H. Bruns

QIRT 1998-050
Infrared pyrometer for temperature measurement of objects, emissivity of which depends on wavelength and time
Z. Bielecki, K. Chrzanowski, R. Matyszkiel, T. Piqtkowski and M. Szulim

QIRT 1998-051
Multichannel thermography systems for real·time and transient thermal process application
B. Wiecek and S. Zwoienik

QIRT 1998-052
Directional emissivity correction by photogrammetric 3D object reconstruction
P. Sawicki, R. Stein and B. Wiecek

QIRT 1998-053
Fast scanning pyrometer for temperature measurements of car wheels
M. Kastek, H. Madura, H. Polakowski and S. Sulej

QIRT 1998-054
Black silicon as secondary standard of the black·body
R.F. Szeloch, T.P. Gotszalk, I. Rangelow and Z. Borkowicz

QIRT 1998-055
Acomparative study of advanced frequency-domain coding techniques in compression of infrared line-scan images
D. Milovanovic, B. Wiecek, A. Marincic, G. Petrovic and Z. Barbaric