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2012: Death of Dr. Grinzato

Sad news: Dead of Dr. Grinzato --
  •   Aug. 21st, 2012:
    This is with a deep sadness that we just happened 
    to know that our long term colleague and friend, 
    Ermanno Grinzato passed away last night. 
    Although afflicted by a strong illness, 
    he kept lucid up to the last moment.
    As we all know, Ermanno was a very active
    gentleman in the QIRT community and elsewhere also.
    He chaired the QIRT 2006 and was also much involved
    in the International Workshop on Advanced Infrared
    Technology and Applications, AITA. More than that,
    Ermanno was also a bright researcher
    at the National Research Council in Padova, Italy.
    On the personal side, I had the pleasure to meet
    and discuss many times with Ermanno and I have
    been always impressed by his fresh,
    deep mind whatever was the involved topic!  
    I also had the opportunity to travel
    with him in several occasions and
    that was always with great pleasure.
    The departure of Ermanno is indeed a big loss
    for the IR community.
    In order to acknowledge his numerous contributions, 
    the  J. of QIRT will publish an obituary in its next issue.
    Moreover, the QIRT Best Paper Award that we launched
    at last QIRT 2012 will be named after Ermanno.
    Indeed Ermanno is an inspiring man for
    the students and for us as well.
    I want to express our deepest condolences to his family,
    his wife Luciana and his son Alessandro.
    Our prayers are with him.
    Xavier Maldague
    QIRT Chairman