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QIRT 1996 Archives

If you notice any mistake (e.g. paper itself or authors names), please let us know. These papers were gathered using optical character recognition and international characters might have been supported poorly in some cases. Thank you for your understanding.


Techniques and systems

QIRT 1996-001
In situ calibration for quantitative infrared thermography
Martiny M., Schiele R, Gritsch M., Schulz A, Wittig S.

QIRT 1996-002
IR detection of thermal waves - effect of imaging conditions on the background fluctuation limit
Bolte J., Bein B. K., Pelzl J.

QIRT 1996-003
Characterization of spatial light distribution of flash lamp systems
Cernuschi F., Lamperti M., Marchesi R, Russo A

QIRT 1996-004
Influence of the radiation diffraction in image converter of the thermograph upon its metrological parameters
Poloszyk S., Rozanski L.

QIRT 1996-005
Thermography improvements using ultraviolet pyrometry
Herve P., Morel A

QIRT 1996-006
Application of infrared image restoration to improve the accuracy of surface temperature measurements
Meinders E. R, van der Meer Th. H., Hanjalic K.

Thermo-physical properties

QIRT 1996-007
Emissivity measurements at room temperature on polymeric and inorganic samples
Cernuschi F., Russo A, Piana G. M., Mutti P., Viviani L.

QIRT 1996-008
Estimation of thermophysical properties of thin plates with averaging techniques and two temperature model
Batsale J. C., Mourand D., Gobbe C.

QIRT 1996-009
Spectral emissivity evaluation for material used in microelectronics
Madura H., Polakowski H., Wiecek B.

QIRT 1996-010
Radiative and convective heat transfer in microelectronlcs
Wiecek B., Madura H.

Electromagnetic fields, stress effects, and cracks

QIRT 1996-011
Infrared imaging techniques for the measurement of complex near-field antenna patterns
Will J., Norgard J., Stubenrauch C., Seifert M.

QIRT 1996-012
Microwaves holography revealed by photothermal films and lock-in IR thermography: Application to NDE of dielectric and radar absorbing materials
Balageas D. L., Levesque P., Nacitas M., Krapez J.-C., Gardette G.

QIRT 1996-013
Quantitative stress analysis by means of standard infrared thermographic equipment
Offermann S., Bissieux C., Beaudoin J.L., Frick H.

QIRT 1996-014
Dynamical strain measurement by IRT
Jouglar J., Mergui M., Vuillermoz P. L.

QIRT 1996-015
Predicting crack resistance by infrared thermography
Kurilenko G.

QIRT 1996-016
Determination of time dependent crack contact behaviour by thermoelastic stress analysis
Schlicht O., Wolfel H. P.

QIRT 1996-017
Photothermal investigations on advanced ceramics
Geerkens J., Schmitz B., Goch G.

QIRT 1996-018
Experimental and numerical investigations of thermo mechanical field coupling effects during crack evolution
Vogel J., Auersperg J., Dost M., FaustW., Michel B.

Thermo-fluid dynamics

QIRT 1996-019
Inverse conduction problems and quantitative infrared thermography
IIiyinski A.

QIRT 1996-020
Heat transfer in a 180 deg tum channel
Cardone G., Astarita T., Carlomagno G. M.

QIRT 1996-021
Convective heat transfer along slender cylinders
Buchlin J.-M., Tasse R.

QIRT 1996-022
Heat transfer identification induced by multihole cooling in combustion chambers
Dumoulin J., Marchand M., Reulet P., Millan P.

QIRT 1996-023
Experimental determination of the local heat transfer coefficient on a thermally thick wall downstream of a backward-facing step
Boizumault F., Harmand S., Desmet B.

QIRT 1996-024
IR heat transfer measurements in a rotating channel
Astarita T., Cardone G., Carlomagno G. M.

QIRT 1996-025
Wall-shear stress measurement with quantitative IR thermography
Mayer R., Henkes R. A. W. M., van Ingen J. L.

QIRT 1996-026
Infrared thermography study of a confined impinging circular jet
Buchlin J.-M., Meyers M.

QIRT 1996-027
A quantitative thermographic investigation of cooling of power electronic sources by forced convection cold plates
Cesini G., Moro V., Ricci R.

QIRT 1996-028
Heat transfer in separated and reattached flow regions over a circular cylinder
Meola C., Cardone G., Carlomagno G. M., Marino L.

QIRT 1996-029
Experimental study of natural convection in the melting of PCM in horizontal cylindrical annuli
Domanski R., Wisniewski T., Rebow M.

QIRT 1996-030
Quantitative approach into the heat transfer by convection in microelectronics
Wiecek B.

QIRT 1996-031
Lock-in thermography as a measurement technique in heat transfer
Wandelt M., Roetzel W.

Characterisation of layers and coatings

QIRT 1996-032
Photothermal inspections of adhesion strengths and detection of delaminations
Ritter R., Schmitz B.

QIRT 1996-033
Characterizations of tribological protective films and friction wear by IR radiometry of thermal waves
Kalus G., Bein B. K., Pelzl J., Bosse H., Linnenbrügger A.

QIRT 1996-034
Laser irradiated transient thermography inspection of iron-zinc alloy coatings on steel substrates
Kehoe L.. Kelly P. V., Crean G.M.

QIRT 1996-035
The on-line detection of moisture and moist coatings by means of thermal waves
Huttner R, Schollmeyer E.

QIRT 1996-036
Photothermal characterization of surface hardened steel
Lan T. T. N., Son D. T., Walther H. G.

NDE: Applications and sizing effects

QIRT 1996-037
Factors affecting the detectability of voids by infrared thermography
Wyss P., Luthi Th., Primas R, Zogmal O.

QIRT 1996-038
Experimental investigations of defect sizing by transient thermography
Almond D.P., Hamzah R, Delpech P., Peng Wen, Behesty M.H., Saintey M.B.

QIRT 1996-039
Transient thermographic detection of buried defects: attempting to develop the prototype basic inspection procedure
Vavilov V., Marinetti S., Grinzato E., Bison P.G., Anoshkin I., Kauppinen T.

QIRT 1996-040
Separation of thermal and optical properties and error limits in thermal depth profiling offibre-reinforced materials
Bolte J., Simon K., Pelzl J.

QIRT 1996-041
Inspection of aircraft structural components using lock-in thermography
Wu D., Salerno A., Malter U., Aoki R, Kochendorfer R, Kachele P. K., Woithe K., Pfister K., Busse G.

QIRT 1996-042
Thermal ellipsometry in steady-state or by lock-in thermography. Application for anisotropic materials characterization
Krapez J. C., Gardette G., Balageas D.

QIRT 1996-043
Shape and uneven heating correction for NDT on cylinders by thermal methods
Pelletier J. F., Grinzato E., Dessi R, Maldague X.

QIRT 1996-044
Investigation of resolution in lock-in thermography: theory and experiment
Wu D., Wu C. Y., Busse G.

Industrial processes

QIRT 1996-045
Combustion graphology used to improve emulsions of water-in-heavy fuel oil
Ghia V., Colibaba-Evulet A.

QIRT 1996-046
Thermal imaging and frequency analysis
Uihdeniemi M., Ekholm A, Santamaki O.

QIRT 1996-047
Velocity and thermal field thermography for thermoplastic polymers extrusion
Cuccurullo G., Di Maio L.

QIRT 1996-048
Determination of glaze thickness on ceramic substrate using an infrared camera
Varis J., Nurminen A, Tuominen J., Autere A, Rantala J.

QIRT 1996-049
Investigation of temperature distribution during plastic deformation of stainless steel
Gadaj S. P., Nowacki W. K., Pieczyska E. A.

QIRT 1996-050
Automated thermal NDT system applied to internal defects inspection of sheet rolled metal in manufactures
Abramova E. V., Budadin O. N., Panin V. F.

QIRT 1996-051
Simultaneous in-process control of weld pool geometry and heat affected zone based on thermal-optic imaging for welding by concentrated energy fluxes
Broggemann G., Demus J., Benziger Th.

QIRT 1996-052
The application of thermal imaging in metal industry
Wullnik J., van der Stel J.

QIRT 1996-053
Nondestructive characterization of the tendency to chilling in cast iron using pulsed video thermography
Walie. G.

QIRT 1996-054
Detection of flashing temperature spots of dry friction interface by means of infrared radiometer
Okamoto Y., Inagaki T., Liu C., Miyata K.

Medicine and biology

QIRT 1996-055
Human body skin surface distribution as measured by infrared thermography in altitude hypoxia conditions
Laszczynska J., Kaczanowski R., Wojcik K., Sacha P., Lukasiewicz J., Kowalski W.

QIRT 1996-056
Thermovision monitoring of the tuberculin reaction with children
Jung A., Zuber J., Sacha P., Lukasiewicz J.

QIRT 1996-057
Lock-in thermography for imaging of modulated flow in blood vessels
Wu D., Hamann H., Salerno A., Busse G.

QIRT 1996-058
Thermal-coronary-angiography (TCA) for interoperative evaluation of graft patency in coronary artery bypass surgery
Falk V., Walther T., Diegeler A., Rauch T., Kitzinger H., Mohr F. W.

QIRT 1996-059
Thermal imaging of the effects of beta-irradiation on human body surface
Benko I., Koteles G. J., Nemeth G.

Buildings, remote sensing, and environment

QIRT 1996-060
Experimental determination of the transmission of the atmosphere - based on thermographic measurements
Pregowski P., Swiderski W.

QIRT 1996-061
Statistical analysis techniques for aerial infrared images in wavelets transform domain
Milovanovic D., Wiecek B., Marincic A., Barbaric Z., Petrovic G.

Emerging techniques

QIRT 1996-062
Advances in pulse phase thermography
Maldague X., Couturier J.-P., Marinetti S., Salerno A., Wu D.

QIRT 1996-063
Lock-in contact thermography on solar cells - comparison with IR measurements
Breitenstein O., Iwig K., Konovalov I., Wu D.

QIRT 1996-064
Lock-in thermography with mechanical loss angle heating at ultrasonic frequencies
Rantala J., Wu D., Salerno A., Busse G.

QIRT 1996-065
Thermovision control, interferometry and computer modeling for increasing reliability and quality of electronic products
Kofanov Yu.N., Uvaisov S.U., Arlov B. L., Pjatnitskaja G. A., Segen A. V.