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QIRT Archives 2000

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QIRT 2000-001
The use of statistical parameters in medical IR-image analysis
I. Benkő, G.J. Köteles, G. Németh

QIRT 2000-002
Evaluation of the thermography of gingival condition in children and adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)
D. Burchardt, M. Borysewicz-Lewicka, M. Walczak

QIRT 2000-003
Emission properties of dental materials and hard dental tissues
M. Dabrowski, R. Dulski, S. Zmuda, P. Zaborowski

QIRT 2000-004
Computer analysis of thermograms in vertebral column pathology among the children
R. Koprowski, H. Konik, Z. Wróbel

QIRT 2000-005
Rating Burn Wounds by Dynamic Thermography
M. Kaczmarek, A. Nowakowski, A. Renkielska

QIRT 2000-006
Active Thermography with Microwave Excitation - Phantom Studies
A. Nowakowski, M. Kaczmarek, P. Debicki

QIRT 2000-007
Non-steady-state phenomena inspection through the use of infrared thermography
B.G. Vainer

QIRT 2000-008
Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity by Lock-in Thermography
P.G. Bison, S. Marinetti, E. Grinzato

QIRT 2000-009
Theoretical approach of possibilities of the photothermal thermography using array detector system under random excitation and parametric analysis concerning thermal system identification
S. Oblin, F.X. Wagner, J.L. Bodnar

QIRT 2000-010
Photothermal infrared thermography applied to the identification of thin layer thermophysical properties
N. Horny, J-F. Henry, S. Offermann, C. Bissieux, J.L. Beaudoin

QIRT 2000-011
In-plane Thermal Diffusivity Evaluation by Infrared Thermography
F. Cernuschi, A. Russo, L. Lorenzoni

QIRT 2000-012
Thermographic non destructive control of joint of ceramic matrix composite tubes
F. Cernuschi, L. Lorenzoni

QIRT 2000-013
Application of two arrays of 32 IR detectors: The thermal diffusivity measurement on anisotropic materials
D. Demange, P. Beauchęne, M. Bejet

QIRT 2000-014
Real time processing with low cost uncooled plane array IR camera-Application to flash non-destructive evaluation
D. Mourand, J.C. Batsale

QIRT 2000-015
Estimation of a local 1D or 2D thermal conductivity field with infrared images processing and volume averaging method
M. Varenne, J.C. Batsale, C. Gobbe

QIRT 2000-016
Convection heat and mass transfers in a vertical duct
Chesneau X., Pietri L., Bresson J., Zeghmati B.

QIRT 2000-017
Application of thermography for determination the radiator capacity
M. Malinovec, S. Švaić

QIRT 2000-018
Determination of the convective heat coefficients by the pulsed photothermal method
M. Rebay, J-F. Henry, S. Offermann, M. Lachi, J. Padet

QIRT 2000-019
Application of infrared thermography in natural convection study
T.S. Wisniewski, T.A. Kowalewski, M. Rebow

QIRT 2000-020
IR-testing of thermal performance of concrete slab buildings
I. Benkő

QIRT 2000-021
Qualification and Certification of Thermographers
H. Heinrich

QIRT 2000-022
Thermography of Low Energy Buildings
H. Heinrich, K.-H. Dahlem

QIRT 2000-023
Application of infrared thermography to the characterization of multicristalline silicon solar cells
A. Kaminski, O. Nichiporuk, J. Jouglar, P.L. Vuillermoz, A. Laugier

QIRT 2000-024
Applications of infrared thermography in electronics research
R. Lehtiniemi, C.-M. Fager, A.-M. Hynninen, T. Aapro, P. Tiilikka, V. Kyyhkynen, J. Rantala

QIRT 2000-025
Thermovision quality testing of home electric heaters
D. Lisichkin, A. Shultshenko, G. Pjatnitskaja, A. Segen

QIRT 2000-026
Experimental study and numerical simulation of preform infrared radiative heating
S. Monteix, F. Schmidt, Y. LeMaoult, G. Denis, M. Vigny

QIRT 2000-027
Application of thermography for diagnosis of central heating elements
Z. Rymarczyk, R. Rabjasz, M. Dzierzgowski, S. Turlejski

QIRT 2000-028
Use of thermography for estimation water jet of the radiators in central heating system
Z. Rymarczyk

QIRT 2000-029
Characterisation of the convective heat transfer from the surface of a TGV brake disc in the actual environment using infrared thermography
M. Siroux, S. Harmand, B. Desmet

QIRT 2000-030
Optimizing routines for heat treatment of metals using numerical simulation based on infrared thermographic measurement
I. Sundov

QIRT 2000-031
On-line thermography applied to crack detection in steel billets
J. Wullink, Ph. Darses

QIRT 2000-032
Defect Depth Estimation Using Neuro-Fuzzy System in TNDE
A. Darabi, X. Maldague

QIRT 2000-033
Thermal Modulation Transfer Function (TMTF)
J.-C. Krapez

QIRT 2000-034
Analysis of dynamic thermal processes in cement kilns by using the 2D and 3D numerical models
V. G. Torgunakov, M. N. Sukhanov, V. P. Vavilov

QIRT 2000-035
1D-2D-3D transition conditions in transient IR thermographic NDE
V. P. Vavilov

QIRT 2000-036
Depth defect retrieval using the wavelet pulsed phased thermography
F. Galmiche, X. Maldague

QIRT 2000-037
Modelling of Buried Object Detection Using Thermography
I. Boras, M. Malinovec, J. Stepanic jr., S. Švaić

QIRT 2000-038
Some new ideas in numerical approach to thermal non destructive testing problems
I. Boras, S. Švaić

QIRT 2000-039
Highly-Sensitive Lock-in Thermography of Local Heat Sources Using 2-Dimensional Spatial Deconvolution
O. Breitenstein, I. Konovalov, M. Langenkamp

QIRT 2000-040
Data reduction in flash method thermography
P.G. Berardi, G. Cuccurullo

QIRT 2000-041
Control of drying by means of IR detection of thermal waves
I. Delgadillo-Holtfort, J. Pelzl, B.K. Bein

QIRT 2000-042
Modulated photothermal measurements applied to multi-layer superinsulation foils
Haj-Daoud, I. Delgadillo-Holtfort, V. John, B.K. Bein, N. Marquardt, J. Pelzl

QIRT 2000-043
Phase angle thermography with ultrasound burst excitation
A. Dillenz, Th. Zweschper, G. Busse

QIRT 2000-044
Photothermal infrared thermography applied to the characterisation of thermal resistances at metal – metal interfaces
P. Laloue, F. Nigon, S. Offermann, J.-F. Henry, C. Bissieux

QIRT 2000-045
Thermal signature of the buried mine – model and experiment
P. Pregowski, W. Swiderski, R.T. Walczak, K. Lamorski

QIRT 2000-046
Ultrasound Lockin Thermography – a NDT Method for the Inspection of Aerospace Structures
Th. Zweschper, A. Dillenz, G. Busse

QIRT 2000-047
Evaluation of capabilities of IR passive system for location of airborne objects
Z. Bielecki, K. Chrzanowski, J. Piotrowski, Z. Zawadzki

QIRT 2000-048
Pyrometer for temperature measurement of selective objects of unknown and variable emissivity
J. Bareła, K. Chrzanowski

QIRT 2000-049
IR reflectivity measurements depending on carbon film thickness
C. Desgranges, C. Balorin, J. Bucalossi, D. Garnier, D. Guilhem, P. Messina

QIRT 2000-050
Infrared imaging and thermomechanical behaviour of solid materials
A. Chrysochoos

QIRT 2000-051
Lock-in thermography and fatigue limit of metals
J.-C. Krapez, D. Pacou, G. Gardette

QIRT 2000-052
Infrared thermography of the damage of natural gut string
M.P. Luong

QIRT 2000-053
Infrared and speckle image processing applied to heterogeneous thermomechanical behaviour of polymers
B. Wattrisse, J.-M. Muracciole, A. Chrysochoos

QIRT 2000-054
Thermovision System Based on the IR CCD Matrix on PtSi with Shottky Barrier
V.D. Ivanov, S.B. Tihomirov

QIRT 2000-055
Software package for uncertainty calculations of temperature measurements with thermal cameras
K. Chrzanowski, R. Matyszkiel

QIRT 2000-056
Automated test-bed for long-range passive IR sensor
H. Madura, Z. Sikorski, H. Polakowski, M. Kastek

QIRT 2000-057
Long-range passive IR sensor
H. Madura, Z. Sikorski, H. Polakowski, M. Kastek

QIRT 2000-058
Efficient transform coding of IR line-scan images based on spatial adaptivity
D. Milovanovic, A. Marincic, B. Wiecek, G.Petrovic, Z.Barbaric

QIRT 2000-059
Uncooled photodetectors for infrared thermography
J. Pawluczyk, M. Grudzień, H. Mucha, Z. Nowak, Z. Orman, M. Romanis, J. Piotrowski

QIRT 2000-060
Designing and shaping metrological features of thermographic system
S. Poloszyk, L. Rozanski

QIRT 2000-061
Characterization of a focal plane array (FPA) infrared camera
H. Pron, W. Menanteau, C. Bissieux, J.L. Beaudoin

QIRT 2000-062
Longwave IR focal-plane binary optics
Z. Sikorski, H. Polakowski

QIRT 2000-063
Narrow spectral range infrared thermography in the vicinity of 3 μm operating wavelength
B.G. Vainer

QIRT 2000-064
Vectorial Characterisation of Electromagnetic Fields by Infrared Thermography
P. Levesque, L. Leylekian, and D. Balageas

QIRT 2000-065
Round Robin comparison II of the capabilities of various thermographic techniques in the detection of defects in carbon fibre composites
D. P. Almond, R. J. Ball, A. Dillenz, G. Busse, J.-C. Krapez, F. Galmiche, X. Maldague