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QIRT 1994 Archives

If you notice any mistake (e.g. paper itself or authors names), please let us know. These papers were gathered using optical character recognition and international characters might have been supported poorly in some cases. Thank you for your understanding.


QIRT 1994-001
Spatial resolution enhancement of an IR system by image restoration techniques
Bougeard D., Vermeulen J.P. and Baudoin B.

QIRT 1994-002
Studies of catalysts and catalytic reactions by infrared thermography
Marengo S. and Comotti P.

QIRT 1994-003
Statistical analysis of computer-generated thermal images based on overall modeling of line-scanning process
Milovanovic D., Marincic A., Barbaric and Petrovic G.

QIRT 1994-004
High power microwave antenna design using infrared imaging techniques
Norgard J., Sadler J., Baca E., Prather W. Sega R. and Seifert R.

QIRT 1994-005
Direct detection of temperature maps on electronic devices surface by using an infrared radiometric microscope
Pica S. and Scarpetta G.

QIRT 1994-006
Temperature measurement by infrared thermography in lubricated contact : radiometric analysis
Reungoat D. and Tournerie B.

QIRT 1994-007
Problems commonly encountered in quantitative thermographic electrical inspections
Snell R, Jr.

QIRT 1994-008
Peculiarities of thermal inspection of materials with short observation time
Vavilov V.P., Grinzato E., Bison P.G. and Marinetti S

Systems and components

QIRT 1994-009
Accuracy analysis of measuring thermal imaging systems
Chrzanowski K. and Jankiewicz

QIRT 1994-010
Influence of changes of object-system distance on accuracy of remote temperature measurement
Chrzanowski K. and Jankiewicz

QIRT 1994-011
Rescaling of thermographic camera readouts based on the results of contact measurements during unsteady process
Pregowski P

QIRT 1994-012
Advanced image processing in thermography
Wiecek B. and Grecki M.


QIRT 1994-013
A procedure to measure thermal conductivities of anisotropic laminates by infrared thermography
Berardi P.G. and Cuccurullo G.

QIRT 1994-014
Discussion of different numerical models applied to air infiltration measurement in external walls
Duc E.

QIRT 1994-015
Thermornechanical coupling as a criterion of the yield point of spheroidal graphite cast iron
Schmidt J.

QIRT 1994-016
IR thermography and heat treatment of metals
Svaic S. and Sundov I.

Emissivity and pyrometry

QIRT 1994-017
Infrared polarization thermometry using an imaging radiometer
Balfour L. S.

QIRT 1994-018
The measurement of emissivity of charring ablative materials
Colombo G., Galfetti L. and Salerno A.

QIRT 1994-019
Determination of uncertainties for emissivity measurements in the temperature range [200°C - 900°C]
Hameury J.

QIRT 1994-020
Thermal analysis at very high temperature ;
Jegou C. and Brenier Y.

QIRT 1994-021
Technical methods of emissivity correction in thermography
Wiecek B. and Pacholik J.

Fluid mechanics

QIRT 1994-022
Infrared thermography study of a thermal anti-icing system
Buchlin J.-M., Pretrel H., Planquart H., Langer H. and Thiry F.

QIRT 1994-023
IR measurements of hypersonic viscous interaction
Cardone G., de Luca L., Astarita T., Aymer de la Chevalerie D. and Fonteneau A.

QIRT 1994-024
IR heat transfer measurements on a rotating disk
Cardone G., Astarita T. and Carlomagno G.M.

QIRT 1994-025
Comparative application of two infrared scanners to heat transfer measurements in a Mach 6 wind tunnel
Charbonnier M. J., Lapostolle S. and Simeonides G.

QIRT 1994-026
Steady and unsteady wall heat transfer mapping by active infrared thermography at the mean aerodynamic reattachment point behind a backward-facing step
Dumoulin J., Reulet P., Grenier P., Plazanet M. and Millan P.

QIRT 1994-027
Study of heat transfer enhancement on surface protuberances using infrared technique
Henry RC., Hansman RJ. and Balageas D.L.

QIRT 1994-028
Thermography measurement of the local heat transfer distribution for flow around a surface-mounted obstacle
Lybaert P., Feldheim V. and Lebrun I.

QIRT 1994-029
Thermal measurement􀂞 in a single axisymmetric jet impinging normal to a flat plate
Meola C., De Luca L. and Carlomagno G.M.

QIRT 1994-030
Infrared thermography on testing an anti-icing device
Meola C., Carlomagno G.M., Riegel E. and Salvato F.

Non destructive evaluation

QIRT 1994-031
3D sensing: Overview with a thermal non-destructive testing perspective
Maldague X.

QIRT 1994-032
Thermal NDE of delaminations in plastic materials by neural network processing
Bison P., Bressan C., Di Sarno R, Grinzato E., Marinetti S. and Manduchi G.

QIRT 1994-033
Thermal defectometry using the temperature decay rate method
Delpech P.M., Krapez J.C. and Balageas D.L.

QIRT 1994-034
Photothermal infrared radiometry applied to textile materials - General characterization and determination of moisture content
Hottner R and Schollmeyer E.

QIRT 1994-035
Investigations of subsurface structures and buried inhomogeneities by photothermal inspection
Reigl M., Gapp M., Schmitz B., Stein J., Goch G., Seidel and Walther H.G.

QIRT 1994-036
U Numerical modelling of the defect response in pulsed video thermography on samples with finite optical penetration
Walle G., Burgschweiger G. and Netzelmann

Inversion procedures

QIRT 1994-037
Edge-effects and defect sizing by transient thermography
Almond D. P., Saintey M .B. and Lau S. K.

QIRT 1994-038
Analytical simulation of a multi - dimensional temperature field produced by planar defects of any shape; application to non-destructive testing
Degiovanni A., Bendada A., Batsale J.C. and Maillet D.

QIRT 1994-039
Early detection of thermal contrast in pulsed stimulated infrared thermography
Krapez J.-C. and Balageas D.

QIRT 1994-040
Reconstruction of thermal defects from photothermal images
Lan T.T.N., Haupt K., Seidel and Walther H.G.

QIRT 1994-041
Inversion of experimental data and thermal tomography using "TermoHeat" and "Termidge" software
Vavilov V., Kourtenkov D., Grinzato E., Bison P., Marinetti S. and Bressan C.

Thermal waves

QIRT 1994-042
Depth profiling of orientation in laminates with local lockin thermography
Karpen W., Wu D., SteegmQller R. and Busse G .

QIRT 1994-043
Lock-in infrared thermography applied to the characterization of electromagnetic fields
Nacitas M., Levesque P. and Balageas D.L.

QIRT 1994-044
Photothermal detection of surface defects and thermal changes in near-surface layers
Schmitz B., Reick M., Goch G. and Steiner R.

QIRT 1994-045
Lockin thermography for defect characterization in veneered wood
Wu D.


QIRT 1994-046
Infrared monitoring systerl for urban solid waste landfills: experimental activities for biogas outflow modelling
Chiarantini L. and Coppo P.

QIRT 1994-047
Selective infrared thermography Application to detection of humidity in buildings
Gayo E., De Frutos E. and Palomo A.

QIRT 1994-048
IR detection limit of underground structure by thermal image technique
Okamoto Y., Liu C., Fan and Inagaki T.