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QIRT Archives QIRT Asie 2015

All papers (c) Copyright QIRT. These can be reproduced if their origin is clearly specified: «Conference 1st QIRT Asia 2015 Mamallapuram, India), 6-10 July 2015.»

NOTE: What is provided below is either the full paper or the abstract depending on what was provided by the authors.Also, some authors did not provide any content.



QIRT Asia 2015 QIRT_Asia_inaugural_souvenir.pdf


QIRT Asia 2015 CP0001.pdf
IRT for NDT: 2050 Horizon
F. Khodayar, S. Sojasi and X. Maldague

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0002.pdf
Medical IR-Thermal Diagnostics - Advantages and Limitations
Antoni Nowakowski

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0003.pdf
Application of Active Thermography for the Characterization of Building Structures in Cultural Heritage
Christiane Maierhofer, Philipp Myrach and Rainer Krankenhagen

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0004.pdf
Towards a Multi-Technique Thermography System
Suneet Tuli

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0005.pdf
Image Processing Techniques of Thermal Wave Acquired from Application of Infrared Thermography in Detecting the Subsurface Defects of the Material
Wontae Kim, Shrestha Ranjit and Manyong Choi

QIRT Asia 2015 Keynote lecture -6.pdf
Lockin Thermography: History, methods, and some applications in NDE
Prof. Gerhard Busse

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0007.pdf
Thermal NDT Research at Tomsk University, Russia
Vladimir Vavilov, Arsenii Chulkov and Daria Derusova

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0008.pdf
Infrared thermographic nondestructive testing of defects between aluminum panel and foam core
Liu Yingtao, Guo Guangping, Yang Danggang, Tang Jia and Li Shuoning

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0009.pdf
Panoramic View of the Heat Flux Inside an Insulated Vehicle by Infrared Thermography
P. Bison, A. Bortolin, G. Cadelano, G. Ferrarini, S. Rossi, L. Lei and X. Maldague

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0010.pdf This paper was published in the QIRT Journal 13.1
A Brief History of QIRT Concept , Structures and Community
Daniel L. Balageas

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0011.pdf
Real site thermal monitoring of transport infrastructures and structures by infrared thermography
Jean Dumoulin

QIRT Asia 2015 Keynote lecture -12.pdf
Trends in Infrared Imaging Technology
Dr. S.S.Negi

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0013.pdf
Infrared image processing devoted to thermal non-contact characterization- A connecting thread for the I2M-Bordeaux activities in the field of IR thermography
JC. Batsale and C. Pradere

QIRT Asia 2015 Keynote lecture -14.pdf
Process of education in thermography at University of Zagreb
Prof. Savic

Articles - Thermomechanics

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0159.pdf
The Study of Energy Balance in Metals under Deformation and Failure in Application to Fatigue Crack Propagation Process
A. Iziumova, A. Vshivkov, A. Prokhorov A. Kostina and O. Plekhov

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0026.pdf
Fast fatigue limit estimation of woven composite materials by self-heating analysis
G. Bai, B. Lamboul, P. Paulmier, M. Kaminski, J.-M. Roche and S. Baste

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0145.pdf
Evaluating the mechanical characteristics of Al/SiC metal matrix composites (MMC) using Infrared thermographic Images
R. Ruban Blessed Singh and Dr. T. Sasikumar

Articles - Microscale & IR Spectroscopy

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0155.pdf
Microscale IR thermography: A novel instrument for IR spectroscopic thermal imaging
J. Morikawa, M. Ryu1, M.Romano, C. Pradere and J .C. Batsale

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0072.pdf
Heat Diffusion in Polycrystalline Rolled Steel - A Microstructure Based Material Model
Sreedhar Unnikrishnakurup, C. V. Krishnamurthy and Krishnan Balasubramaniam

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0099.pdf
Automatic Segmentation of hepatic tumors in CT Images using Adaptive EM and Diagnostics of IR Spectroscopy
K.Lekshmi and Dr.K.Rubasoundar

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0136.pdf
Photothermal beam deflection technique for non-destructive evaluation of thin film photovoltaic cells
Anita R Warrier, K P Vijayakumar, C Sudha Kartha, N Manoharan and B Venkatraman

Articles - Thermal NDE for Composite Structures

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0161.pdf
Infrared Thermography(IRT) inspection of Composites- A Manufacutrers's Prespective
Siddiqui AO , Srinivas K and Murthy BVSR

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0073.pdf
Modelling of subsurface defects in CFRP composites
V.R.Manjula and G.Prasad

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0087.pdf
Numerical Analysis of the Heat Sink Effect in the Infrared Inspection of Composites
Barbara Szymanik, Sreedhar Unnikrishnakurup, Krishnan Balasubramaniam and Tomasz Chady

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0022.pdf
A Comparative Study of Basalt and Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites By Thermography
Kalyanavalli. V, T.K. AbilashaRamadhas and D. SastiKumar

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0021.pdf
A Study on the Error of a Method for Fiber Orientation Measurement Using Infrared Thermography in Composite Materials
H. Fernandes, H. Zhang and X. Maldague

Articles - Novel techniques

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0152.pdf
Induction thermography: principle, applications and first steps towards standardization
U. Netzelmann, G. Walle, S. Lugin, A. Ehlen, S. Bessert and B. Valeske

QIRT Asia 2015 INL-5.pdf
Eddy Current Thermography: Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Technique for Future Industrial Application
Ilham Mukriz B. Zainal Abidin

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0030.pdf
Several considerations about a pulsed flying spot method implemented with IR thermography
L. Gavérina, JC Batsale, C. Pradere and D. Mourand

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0027.pdf
Time-resolved Multispectral Imaging of Combustion Reaction
Alexandrine Huot, Marc-André Gagnon, Karl-Alexandre Jahjah, Pierre Tremblay, Simon Savary, Vincent Farley, Philippe Lagueux, Éric Guyot, Martin Chamberland and Frédérick Marcotte

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0023.pdf
A Novel One Sided Diffusivity Evaluation Technique Versus Parker's Method in Application to Carbon/Epoxy Composite
S. S. Pawar and V. P. Vavilov

Articles - Medical Thermography

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0153.pdf
Numerical Simulation as an adjunct tool to Thermography
Natteri M Sudharsan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0025.pdf
Tools for Automatic Wound Healing Evaluation
A. Nowakowski, M. Kaczmarek, M. Moderhak, P. Siondalski and L. Wos

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0068.pdf
Could Diabetic Foot Be Predicted by Plantar Temperature Using Infrared Thermography
Dong Soo Kim, Shin Kyoung Kim, Manyong Choi and Jong Moon Kim

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0120.pdf
Assessment of Knee osteoarthritis using thermography
Subitcha Jayashankar1, Deepika.M, Verinder Pal Singh Bali, Manickavallini.P and Dr.N.S.Rajarajan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0123.pdf
Early Identification Of Foot Ulcer Using Thermal Foot Image
A Bhargavi Haripriya, Assistant Professor and Dr. M Anburajan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0122.pdf
Automated diagnosis of hypertension using dynamic thermography

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0059.pdf
Thermographic Findings of Spinal Cord Tumors
Ho Yeol Zhang

Articles - Image Processing

QIRT Asia 2015 INL-7.pdf
Thermal Imaging for early detection of diabetic mellitus, arthritis and cardiac vascular diseases
Dr. M. Anburajan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0055.pdf
Human Emotion Recognition from Facial Thermal Image using Histogram based Features and Multi-Class Support Vector Machine
A. Basu, A. Routray and A. K.Deb

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0070.pdf
Cumulative Gradient Based Image Sharpness Evaluation Algorithm For Auto Focus Control of Thermal Imagers
Anurag Kumar Srivastava and Neeta Kandpal

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0092.pdf
An Efficient Super-resolution Algorithm for IR Thermal Images Based On Sparse Representation
W.Jino Hans and N.Venkateswaran

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0101.pdf
Swarm Intelligence based Optimization in Thermal Image Fusion using Dual Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform
K.Madheswari and N.Venkateswaran

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0102.pdf
Markov Random Field Labeling of InfraRed Thermal Images: Applications in Industry and Veterinary Medicine
N.Venkateswaran , N.Padmapriya, P.Sophia and S.Upasana

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0098.pdf
Assessment of Glaucoma with Ocular Thermal Images using GLCM Techniques
N.Padmapriya, N.Venkateswaran, Toshitha Kannan and M. Sindhu Madhuri

Articles - Data Processing

QIRT Asia 2015 INL-8.pdf
Physical Implications of Thermographic Signal Reconstruction
Dr. Steve Shepherd

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0028.pdf
Quantitative Assessment of Defect Characterisation Using the TSR Coefficient Images
Daniel L. BALAGEAS, Jean-Michel ROCHE and François-Henry Leroy

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0060.pdf
Complimentary Coded Thermal Wave Imaging Scheme for Thermal NonDestructive Testing and Evaluation
Vanita Arora and Ravibabu Mulaveesala

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0105.pdf
Comparative Analysis of Data Processing Methods for Non-Stationary Thermal Wave Imaging
B Suresh, V Pardha sardhi reddy, P S Vinod, B Ravi Chandra sekhar and V S Ghali

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0144.pdf
Defect Visualization and Effective Data Compression Techniques for Infrared Pulsed Thermography
Ajay Rawat, Sharath D, M. Menaka and B. Venkatraman

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0071.pdf
A Computer Tool for Construction of 3D Infrared Thermograms and Anatomical Selection of Characteristic Areas on a Human Body
G. Chernov, V. Chernov, C. Dávila-Peralta, R. Rodriguez-Carvajal and M. Barboza-Flores

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0115.pdf
Application of IR Thermography for Determination the Material Properties
M. Berkovic-Subic, I. Boras, J. Franceski, J. Kodvanj, A. Rodic, M. Surjak, S. Svaic and Z. Tonkovic

Articles - NDE

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0158.pdf
Depth Resolved Imaging Modalities for Thermal Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation
Ravi Babu

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0093.pdf
Infrared Thermography and X-Ray Tomography for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Micro-defects in CFRP
H. Zhang, W. Holub, H. Fernandes, U. Hassler, S. Joncas, F. Robitaille and X. Maldague

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0024.pdf
Transient infrared thermography testing of Divertor Plasma Facing Components for Nuclear Fusion application
Yashashri Patil, S.S. Khirwadkar, T.Patel, N. Patel, P. Mokaria and P. Patel

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0061.pdf
Advances in Non-Stationary Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging for Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation
G. Dua and R. Mulaveesala

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0084.pdf
Reflection plate evaluation for the invisible area measurements
Sang Chae Kim, Hyun Chul Jung, Man Yong Choi and Kyung Suk Kim

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0113.pdf
Linking PCB Thermal Design Analysis Validation With Thermal NDT
V.N.Misale, Samavi Vedullavalasa, and S.Ganesan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0104.pdf
Electro Thermal Modeling for Defect Depth Estimation in Quadratic Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging
S.Sukumar, Sk Subhani and V S Ghali

Articles - Breast Thermography

QIRT Asia 2015 INL-10.pdf
Thermography in Medical field as an adjuvant Imaging modality
Dr. R. Chidambaram

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0137.pdf
Classification of normal and abnormal patterns in medical thermography for the screening of breast cancer
B.Vigneshwaran, M. Sundaram, M.Menaka, B.Venkatraman, D.N.Sangeeta and K.Malathy

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0035.pdf
Automated Segmentation for Quantitative Analysis of Breast Thermograms
J. Josephine Selle, A. Shenbagavalli, B. Venkatraman, M. Menaka and M. Jayashree

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0074.pdf
Initial Evaluation of Semi-Automated Breast Cancer Screening Using Thermography
K. Venkataramani, H. Madhu, S. Sharma, H. V. Ramprakash, A. Rajendra, A.K.Parthasarathy and G. Manjunath

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0078.pdf
A Method for Classifying Cancerous and Normal Regions in Breast Thermography for Detecting Smaller Size Tumors
Luisa F. Polania, Lalit K. Mestha, Krithika Venkataramani, L. Ramachandra, S.S.Prasad and Vijay Kumar

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0080.pdf
Using Breast Contour to Generate a Measure of Shape and Size Symmetry
Federico Cirett-Galán, Raquel Torres-Peralta, Valery Chernov, Grigory Chernov, José Luis Ruiz-Duarte and Marcelino Barboza-Flores

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0079.pdf
Detecting and correcting image registration errors in thermographic imaging for medical applications
Raquel Torres Peralta, Federico Cirett Galan, V. Chernov, G. Chernov, Jose Luis Duarte Rodriguez and Marcelino Barboza-Flores

Articles - Industrial & Societal Applications

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0156.pdf
Integration of Infrared Thermography in O&M Activities
Shri Pillai Ramachandran

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0134.pdf
Design, Implementation And Test Of An Gimbalized LWIR Synchronous Dual Field Of View Thermography System For Overhead Power Line Inspection
Matthias Krausz, Michel Rogue, Pierre Camgagna and Daniel Johansson

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0064.pdf
Detection of Pillow Block Bearings Defect Using Infrared Thermography: A Case Study in Golgohar Mining and Industrial Co.
A.Ahmadipour, A.ForoughiNematollahi and R.SotoudehBahreini

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0124.pdf
Study of changes in Surface Temperature of Facial Region due to Mobile Phone Radiation
C.R. Parvathy,Meghna Hukeri,Santhoshi N Krishnan, Oinam Robita Chanu and M. Anburajan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0075.pdf
Increased core body temperature is accompanied by altered metabolic state during brief session of guided Kriya Yoga meditation: A Thermographic Study
A.Basu, R.Mukherjee, A.Routray and A. K. Deb

Articles - Material Characterization

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0160.pdf
Characterization of Low Velocity Impact Damages in Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites with Infrared Thermograph
S. Kalyana Sundaram, S. Kshama, Aparna Gajendragadkar, A. Udayakumar and V.R. Ranganath

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0138.pdf
Influence of chirp time-bandwidth on frequency modulated thermal wave imaging based materials characterization technique
Lalat Indu Giri, Krishnendu Chatterjee and Suneet Tuli

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0051.pdf
Specific Absorption Rate Measurement of External Heating Antennas Using Infrared Thermography
Chakaravarthi Geetha and Arunachalam Kavitha

Articles - Weld Inspection and On-Line Monitoring

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0157.pdf
Measuring High Temperatures-Issues and Approaches

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0036.pdf
Spot Weld Testing Using Active Thermography
P. Myrach, F. Jonietz, M. Ziegler, Hubert Suwala and M. Rethmeier

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0034.pdf
Image Segmentation using various algorithms for Identifying Hotspot in Infrared Thermal Images of Weld Pool and for estimation of weld bead width
N. Chandrasekhar and M Vasudevan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0088.pdf
Online monitoring of Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process using Infrared Thermography
Renil Thomas K, Nithin P.V, Krishnan Balasubramaniam, Prabhu Rajagopal, K.V. Phani Prabhakar, G. Padmanabham, Frank Riedel and Markus Puschmann

Articles - Thermal Image Processing

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0154.pdf
Infrared Thermography (IRT) Applications in Aerospace Research and Development
C. Muralidhar

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0016 .pdf
IR Thermography Nondestructive Testing Methods of Composite Materials Used in Aerospace Applications
W. Swiderski

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0017.pdf
Study of an optimal heating duration indicator for square pulsed thermography applied to CFRP gluing quality control
A. Crinière, J. Dumoulin, L. Perez and F. Bourquin

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0066.pdf
Evaluation of Fatigue Induced Damages in CFRP Laminates With Thermography Technique
K. Panbarasu, S. Kalyana Sundaram, V.R. Ranganath and Raghu V. Prakash

Articles - Civil

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0094.pdf
The Finite Element Method and Infrared Thermography Applied to the Characterization of Defects in a Chimney Structure

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0018.pdf
Infrared thermography applied to surface temperature survey of enhanced pavement sample addressing self-de-icing functionality
M. Marchetti, J. Dumoulin, N. Le Touz, M. Moutton, S. Ludwig, T. Gabet, J-M. Piau and L. Ibos

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0086.pdf
Detection of buried mosaics in plaster layers by square pulse thermography: laboratory study on different hidden structures
A. Mazioud, L. Ibos and J. Dumoulin

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0111.pdf
A Heuristic Non Destructive Evaluation Technique For Rebar Corrosion of Marine Structures based on the synergy of Infrared Thermography, Signal and Image Processing
G. Kannan, N. Manoharan and B. Venkataraman

Articles - Poster

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0029.pdf
Functioning of Thermal Camera In Actions of Polish State Fire Service
Anna Szajewska

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0031.pdf
Feature Extraction Of Dorsal Hand Vein For Authentication System
S.Karthika Rajaratna, P.Keerthana and S.Laxmi Priya

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0052.pdf
Analysis of Electrophysiologic Finding and IR Thermogrophy Finding in Intradural Extramedullary Schwannoma of Spinal Cord
Sung Hwa Paeng

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0058.pdf
The Applied Study of Non-Destructive Test of Using an Infrared Thermography
M.Y.Choi, H.S. Park, J.H. Park, K.A. Kwon, W.J. Choi and W.T.Kim

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0062.pdf
Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation by Thermal Wave Detection and Ranging
Juned A Siddiqui, Ravibabu Mulaveesala, Ghali Venkata Subbarao and Amarnath Muniyappaa

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0069.pdf
Infrared Inspection of Steel Structures Under Load
Barbara Szymanik and Grzegorz Psuj

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0082.pdf
Simplified Quantitative Analysis of Breast Thermograms for Breast Asymmetry Estimatio
Valery Chernov, Grigory Chernov, Federico Cirett-Galán, Raquel Torres-Peralta, José Luis Ruiz-Duarte, Enrique Martín-del-Campo-Mena and Marcelino Barboza-Flores

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0089.pdf
In-line Laser Thermography for Crack Detection: A Numerical Approach
Nithin P V, Sreedhar Unnikrishnakurup, C V Krishnamurthy, Mathias Zeigler, Philippe Myrach and Krishnan Balasubramaniam

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0106.pdf
Testing and Evaluation of Concrete Structures by Non-stationary Thermal Wave Imaging
Geetika Dua and Vanita Arora

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0107.pdf
Thermal Wave Detection and Ranging for Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation
Vanita Arora and Geetika Dua

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0108.pdf
Resolution of Blind Defects in Metallic Plate under Uniform Heating
Guohua LI, Huijuan WEI, Hualong LI and Miao WU

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0117.pdf
Fractal Dimension Analysis of Pipelines Thermograms for Hidden Defects Detection
B.B. Banduryan, V.F. Klepikov, V.V. Lytvynenko and O.A. Startsev

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0121.pdf
Thermogram asymmetry analysis for the Evaluation of Mammary cancer in 7, 12-dimethyl benz (a)nthracene (DMBA) induced Wistar Rats
Angeline Kirubha. S. P, Anburajan. M, Venkataraman. B, Akila. R2, Sharath. D

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0125.pdf
A computer aided diagnostic tool for Evaluation of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hand Thermal images
Snekhalatha.umapathy, Anburajan.Micheal, Sowmiya .V, Venkatraman.B and Menaka Murugesan

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0135.pdf
Online Monitoring of Crack Initiation during Fatigue Cycling of Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze Alloy using Infrared Thermography
B. B. Lahiri, Aritra Sarkar, S. Bagavathiappan, R. Sandhya and T. Jayakumar

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0139.pdf
Online Monitoring of Hard Facing Coating on Stainless Steel Substrate using Infrared Thermography
Santosh. S, Rajkumar. K, Menaka. M and Venkatraman. B

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0140.pdf
Characterization of dissimilar 9 Cr-1Mo ferritic steel - 316LN austenitic stainless steel weldments during tensile deformation using IR thermography
Vijay Prakaash V G, Lakshminarayanan A K, Menaka M, Raghu N and Venkatraman B

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0142.pdf
Effect of Air-Gap Thickness on Debond Detection in Coatings using Pulsed Thermography: A Numerical Study
Sharath D, Ajay Rawat, M. Menaka, B. Venkatraman and Baldev Raj

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0143.pdf
Optimising the parameters in Pulsed Thermography using Numerical Simulations
Ajay Rawat, Sharath D, M. Menaka, and B. Venkatraman

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0149.pdf
Infrared Thermography for Characterising Density Variation of Shield Concretes
M.Menaka, D.Sharath, Ajay Rawat, B.Venkatraman, Ashok Kumar, R.Preetha and Sivathanu Pillai

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0150.pdf
Evaluation of Corrosion Detection in Reinforced Concrete using Infrared Thermography
J.Ashok Kumar, R. Preetha, C.Sundaramurthy, M.Menaka, Sharath.D, Ajay Rawat and B.Venkatraman

QIRT Asia 2015 CP0151.pdf
Pulsed Thermography for Non Destructive Evaluation of Adhesive Bonds in Basalt Composites
Kalyanavalli. V, T.K. AbilashaRamadhas and D. SastiKumar